4 - Science Fair

Timeline, guidelines, and grading

Finish your design
  • I believe that you must have a plan; even if the plan will change.
April 17th  & April 22nd - Lesson 3
  1. Finish your design: research question to method

Design Your Project
  • I believe that you must have a plan; even if the plan will change.
April 15th  & April 16th - Lesson 2
  1. Science Fair Template and Rubric
    1. The link is here to the general template.  A copy has been made for you in your Science Folder.
    2. Everything must go on your document; it is what will be marked.  The grades will be put in the 4 rubrics at the bottom.
    3. Add your name to your template before the phrase Science Fair.
  2. Science Fair Work Time.
    1. Make sure you have an approved unique research question.  This is the link to the proposed questions.  You can search for your name.  
    2. Write down and use Google Research your background research.
    3. Try your method at least once, and based on your observations, improve it.

Research Questions & River Water Test Results!
  • I believe that you will enjoy yourself and learn a lot by investigating a question that interests you!
April 10th  & April 13th - Lesson 1
  1. Water Test Results
  2. Science Fair:
  3. Research Questions:
  4. Research Question & Partner Proposal:
    1. Fill out this form.
      1. Your approved research question is due April 14/15.
      2. The most important thing is to pick a topic/question/experiment you are interested in.  
      3. Most people will likely work by themselves.
      4. Only seek a partner if you need someone to help carry out a challenging investigation.

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