Thursday, 22 May 2014

Will Redbull Give Me Wings?

Will Redbull Give Me Wings?

It was a Sunday and Cody was plopped on the couch like a sack of potatoes, watching television and a commercial suddenly popped up. On the screen it had said: Redbull Energy Drink: Gives you wings! Followed by clips of teens being very active and doing a bunch of sports. Immediately, Cody sprung up from the couch and focused on the screen very attentively. It was evident that this propaganda was directed to teens like Cody. After the commercial had passed, Cody turned off the TV and ran up to his mom.
‘’Mom! Can we go to the supermarket and buy something?’’ he pleaded.
‘’Okay, son, let me just finish reading this magazine and we will go.’’
Later that day, they went to the supermarket and Cody found what he wanted: a pack of six cans of Redbull. His mom bought the package and they head back home. On the way home, Cody already had opened a can and started drinking the energy beverage.  At first, Cody thought it tasted horrible because the acidity of the drink was obviously very high. He took a quick glance at the contents of the drink and he read, this drink contains: Caffeine, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. Because he only had read so quickly, he thought in his head:
‘’Hmm, this drink really must be good for me! My mom drinks coffee all the time and I heard that coffee contains caffeine. Also, it contains vitamins! No wonder it will keep me so active!’’
Going back home, he felt completely awake and energized until dinner time. However, while he was eating, he felt very, very sleepy all of a sudden. So then he decided to go to bed earlier today instead of playing some video games.
The next day, Cody woke up with the touch of the warm sunlight on his face. He sat upon bed and said:
‘’It looks like today will be a great day for me since I have PE first thing in the morning.’’
For his breakfast, Cody would usually eat : Bread, eggs, and ham. Instead, he drank a full of can of Redbull since he had little time to go to school. Cody opened the door and slammed it shut; next he put on his helmet and started to ride his bike to school. Differently, Cody felt more active while riding his bike and got to school a little earlier. During PE, Cody was very active and the teacher had noticed that very sudden change. At the end of class, the PE teacher had a little talk with Cody.
‘’Cody, I have a question, did you eat or drink something different today?’’
‘’Yeah, I drank Redbull’’
As expected, the PE teacher told Cody to stop drinking Redbull and that he should go research about it later on.
Cody ignored that thought because he kept thinking that Redbull was really good for him to be able to focus in class. Next block, Cody was able to focus pretty well in class, and he felt confident about drinking Redbull more often. However, as the day passed, Cody was starting to feel drowsy again.
‘’What is making me so sleepy?’’ he thought, ‘’This happened to be yesterday as well...’’
For the rest of the day, Cody was feeling very tired even when riding back his bicycle home. Unfortunately, he decided to drink more Redbull when he arrived home so it could give him his energy boost. Over time, Cody’s grades were starting to go down, he couldn’t focus anymore, most of the time he always felt exhausted. Luckily, Cody remembered what his PE teacher had told him: stop drinking Redbull, research about it.  
He opened up his laptop, went straight to Google, and typed: Information about Redbull. Without any delay, the powerful search engine gave thousands of results and Cody clicked on the first link. It stated: ‘’As stress levels increase and sleeping stops you from studying, many teens may start to take a risky alternative, energy drinks. First of all, energy drinks such as Redbull are packed with caffeine. Not only that, but they contain other stimulating ingredients such as guarana and ginseng. Don’t forget that it also contains loads of sugar, and a 16 ounce can of Redbull contains the amount of sugar equivalent to 11 Oreo cookies!’’ Cody, relating back to his situation, started to realize some of the negative points of drinking Redbull. So he continued to read on: ‘’Redbull can have many side effects on you over a long period of time. For example, it can increase your heart rate and blood pressure, make you become dehydrated since caffeine is a diuretic, meaning your organs produce more urine...’’ Although Cody had read only a little bit of information, he realized how Redbull and other energy drinks can be very harmful to your body because of the high levels of sugar and caffeine.
Many days had passed and Cody had stopped his addiction of drinking Redbull. However, Cody had found out other alternatives of how to keep yourself awake and energetic during the day. For example, water was something he drank often since it kept him from being dehydrated and symptoms of dehydration are being very sleepy and unfocused. For the rest of the school year, Cody’s grades gradually raised up and he eventually was able to pass. Now, Cody is interested in researching more about health because of his concerns about what he is consuming!


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