Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What is a Blizzard? - The Story of Angelica Huffington

Ivanna Hidalgo
Science Block 1
May 20th, 2014

Angelica and the Unexpected Blizzard

            Angelica Huffington was a very sweet and loving girl, who liked to learn and teach. However, her big problem was that she was extremely curious, creating problems everywhere, but was also the thing that saved many people. Besides, Angelica always asked questions and researched about everything making her the smartest kid in Science class.
            One day, during winter, Angelica Huffington decided to stay home because she had a strong cold, and it was windy, so there would be no way she would get out of the house in these conditions. Afterwards, Angelica remembered that she had an in-class essay on the topic Blizzards that same day. For that reason, she stood up and reached for her computer, she opened it. 
           "Blizzards", she said to herself while writing it in the Google search bar. 
            Suddenly, she started hearing a very hard hissing sound outside her house, as if there was a strong wind. Quickly, Angelica put a coat on and opened the door, when she realised that the wind was extremely fast and it was colder than usual. Now, she remembered that the CNN news stated that there was going to be strong winds over 35 hours per hour and a temperature of minus seven degrees Celsius. Angelica closed the door rapidly and started reading many articles that related to those weather conditions. The only information that popped out were blizzards, blizzards, and blizzards. It was evident that a blizzard was going to occur, without her family and friends knowing! Now, she ran to the phone and called her mother.
            "Mom, I have a feeling that there is going to be a blizzard in no time soon, and you've got to tell everyone!" shouted Angelica.
            "Now that I analyze it, it also sounds to me that there is going to be a blizzard. I am pretty certain now. No need to panic Angelica because I'm calling the school right now", exclaimed Angelica's Mom.  
            Before Angelica's mom hang up, she demanded that Angelica would get covered with jackets and coats, and go in a room with no windows or electronics. As for Angelica knew that blizzards lasted about three hours. Therefore, she put on one jacket and two more thick coats, preventing the two main problems that could happen in these types of natural disasters. Firstly, she could get hypothermia which could cause shallow breathing, slurred speach, or shivering, along with many other symptoms. Secondly, she could get a frostbite causing an itching sensation, a burning feeling, numbness, or clumsiness. 
            Angelica started panicking but then she thought to herself," I have to cooperate, or if not I will not get better". 
            Going down stairs, Angelica got into the most enclosed room and stayed there, slowing becoming asleep. Angelica opened her eyes and heard a door closing, and then heard her two little brothers with her parents. Rushing, she went up the stairs and found her family. They were shocked and covered with snow. This would be a bad thing because they are going to get cold and wet. With experience, Angelica went to her parents room and brought dry clothes for everyone in her family. After a while, she recommened to not eat while there was a storm caused to lack of food, but she did tell them that they should go with her, to the basement. 
            "Are you sure we should go in the basment?" asked her little brother.
            "Yes, and we should stay together so we can fight the cold and not get any sickness", answered Angelica.
            Following, altogether walked down the stairs into the windowless room, worrying about all of their friends and family. Fortunatly, all of the kids from school went home with a warning. 
            After 3 hours of staying still, Angelica's father went to check upstairs with an idea that everything was over, until the windows of the living room broke with force and pieces of glasses ended up everywhere. With the biggest luck, there was no traces of glass anywhere around Angelica's father. Next, he ran downstairs and entered the room.
            "It's not safe yet, but eventually it is going to be over. We only need to stay together!" stated her dad. 
            In the end, the whole family laid together, listening to the radio for more further shocking news. 

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