Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Alien Encounter

It was just going to be an ordinary space mission.  The crew of 4 were going to the moon to do some more scientific observations on the last manned ship to the moon.  Preparations were being made and the captain, John, was very worried that they would not be prepared on time.  
“I guess we shall see how it goes,” he said to himself.
As the crew boarded the ship, last checks were made to make sure that everything was working properly.  Everything seemed to be in order.  The crew was strapped in and the door closed.  LIFT OFF!  The ship took off.  Everything went smoothly and pretty soon they broke free of earth’s atmosphere and were on their way.  The first day of travel went well.  All the controls were working well and they had clear communication back to earth.  The second day is when the problems started.  The instrument began showing strange readings that were not really describable.  Sometimes the ship would suddenly shift or rock for no explainable reason.  The communications back to earth were not getting through very well and pretty soon all contact was lost.  
“What is going on?!” asked John.
“I think we have shifted course.  Maybe we are going by something with a lot of radiation.” replied a clearly frustrated Riker.
“Look!” shouted Wesley.
In front of the ship there was a huge cloud of asteroids and flashing, blinding lights.
“We’re heading straight for it! Take cover!”
Then it all went black.
He blinked his eyes.  He was in a bright white room.  There were no visible doors or windows.  Only a plain white bed held up by metal poles.
“Where am I?” John wondered out loud.
His voice echoed slightly in the empty room.  He looked down and saw he was wearing a white short sleeved shirt and long white sweat pants.  All of a sudden, the wall in front of the bed slid open.  It was very dark outside the door so it took him a minute for his eyes to adjust.  When they did, what he saw amazed him.  There were huge creatures standing in the doorway.  They were about 7 feet tall, all purple with huge luminescent wings.  They had 4 eyes that were roughly twice as big as a humans’ with big round heads.  They had wide holes instead of mouths and no visible noses.  They had on pale purple tunics and long legs and arms.  Their hands had 4 fingers each.  They just stood in the doorway staring at him.  Finally, one spoke.  At least, their version of speaking.  It was almost like he was speaking into his mind, but he could see slight movements of its mouth.
“Where are you from? What are you?”  
“I am John from the planet Earth.  Who are you, or better where am I?
“We are luminaries.  You are on the planet Glindiny.  You appeared here many a time ago.  We have been taking care of you.” replied the creatures
“Where is the rest of my crew?  Are they alright? asked John.
“Yes they are all right.  You will be able to see them soon,” the creatures responded.
“For now we will leave you here to rest.”
Then the door slid back shut.  For the period of time, which could have just as easily been either hours or minutes, he sat, deep in thought.
“These are very strange creatures,” he mused.
They speak our language and seem to understand where I was from, but They are obviously not human.  But what else could they be? How far away am I from earth?”
These thoughts kept swirling around in his head as well as thoughts about the crew.  Although he wondered how they were, he was not worried.  The creatures seemed to have no interest in hurting him.  In fact, they seemed quite peaceful.  They had been carrying no visible weapons.
Then, again, the wall slid open.  There was only one creature this time.  It was hard to tell if it was the one who had spoken earlier since they all looked similar.  Just to keep things organized, he decided to just think of him as the same one.  
“Hello again John of Earth,” the creature said.  “We would like to invite you on a tour of our city.  Then there will be a meal with your other friends.”
“That sounds great.  I hope you don’t mind if I ask some questions” said John.
“Not at all,” the creature replied.  “Come.”
“So you said you were luminaries on the planet Glindiny.  How far away is that from earth?”
“I do not know the calculation in your earth terms,” responded the creature.
“Let us just say that you are not in your galaxy anymore.”
They left the room and went down a narrow dark hallway.  At the end was a door with a finger pad sensor.  The luminary put his finger against it and the door slid open to reveal a glass elevator.  The view out the back was spectacular.  The building they were in was very tall.  It was made of something that looked like shiny glowing lilac plastic, but it was not really plastic.  It was harder and it seemed to hum with energy.  The world spread out below.  There were other towers, but none as large as this one.  There were smaller houses down below as well as holes that seemed to sink into the planet underneath.  They began a rapid descent in the elevator down to ground level.  At the bottom, they got off and had a tour of the main part of the city by light of the twin suns.  Once that was over, he got to see his crew and there was a feast.  After this, he and the crew stayed on Glindiny for a very long time.  After a while he began to realize that they should probably get back to earth.  The luminary had the technology to get them back swiftly.  Like teleportation.  Once back on earth they realized they had actually been gone for 15 years on the planet.  Everybody wondered what had happened.  They kept it a secret partly because they had promised the luminary, and partly because no-one would believe them.  They always remembered the luminary, and never forgot their amazing experience.


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