Wednesday, 28 May 2014


By: James H.

It was 2050. The scorching sun was pounding the east coast of the US. Jeff sat in his lawn chair watching his grass burst into flames for the second time that day. Jeff was tired of seeing the same thing every day. Ever since global warming started, temperatures had risen rapidly. The problem has become too bad to correct. Scientists had given up searching for a way to lower the Earth's greenhouse gasses. Jeff was 12 when winter disappeared for ever. The only place to find snow and ice now a days was on the north and south pole.
The following week Jeff came up with a plan to end the suffering he was feeling. This plan consisted of many extension cords and hair driers. First he sent out a fake document with proof that hair dryers are the reason for hair loss. On the document was the address for all recalls that can be sent back to the hair dryer companies. The turnout was ridiculous with over 2.3 million hair dryers sent back. The location of the address was a warehouse in Antarctica. Jeff also needed money for the preparations that he needed to make.

Jeff decided to take up a job as a truck driver. He was issued a delivery of extension cords to take to his neighboring city. For the next month he delivered extension cords every day. He wasn't delivering them to the address given to him, but to an old junkyard at the edge of his town. Jeff lived in South Carolina. He was smack right in the middle of charleston. On april 7 2050 he quit his job and began the final preparations for his plan. The hardest part of his plan was laying down thousands and thousands of mile of extension cords.

He began stringing his extension cords together. He chartered a private cargo plane to depart in a week. At the end of the week the pilot helped him load the huge coil of strung extension cords onto the plane. Once over the ocean he let the extension cords go plunging into the Atlantic Ocean. After 32 pit stops for gas and 26 hours of flying they made it to Antarctica. There they landed at a base. With the spool empty Jeff stepped of the plane onto snow. For the first time in his life he saw snow. He immediately hated it. Its texture was too soft under his tough skin. After being under the sun for so long his skin was hardened. Jeff hopped into a truck to make his way to the warehouse where all the hairdryers were recalled to. He rented a semi truck and loaded up  as much hairdryers as he could. After 3 days of loading he placed the last of them onto a mountain made entirely of ice.

Grabbing the last of his extension cords he drove back to the base laying them down. He hooked up his last extension cord to the one connected to the US. When he finished he hopped back into the cargo plane and flew back to his hometown in the US. At last the final moment he was waiting for. He grabbed the end of the thousand and thousand long cord and plugged it into the outlet on his porch. He waited for 6 hours on his lawn chair when he finally saw a huge tidal wave above the horizon. At last 3 months later his almost impossible plan was complete. He unplugged the extension cord and watched as the tidal wave came to a stop right when it engulfed the house across the street. The water stopped right on his lawn.

Jeff smiled to himself. He took of his shoes and waded into the water. Warmed by the sun already it was cool and not freezing like the arctic water. He looked back to his house proud of himself at what he has accomplished. He had turned his house into a waterfront property. Little did he know that his plan killed millions of people. Even though this made jeff a killer, he did end global warming when he killed half of the human race. The production of greenhouse gasses were reduced by half and gave the earth enough time to recuperate to its normal state.

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