Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Sea Bird Problem Science Story

In 1992 Teresa, a seabird rescuer was born in an island surrounded by oceans. She loved playing with her friends until she turned 7. When she made a new discovery. One day when she was walking on the beach she saw a seabird surrounded by plastic and he couldn't fly anymore because his wing were also with plastic. Teresa decided to help him. She took the seabird to her house and asked her parents what  she could do to help him. They told her that she would have to take it to a vet, but she really liked the seabird so she decided to keep it. She hid the seabird in her little garden and she gave it fish and water for 2 week unfortunately the seabird died and she got so mad she ran to the beach and saw another seabird with plastic on his beak so she ran back to her house with the seabird and told her parents that they had to do something about it but they would always regret saying:
-Darling, this job is not for us the vets are already taking care of them. You don't have to worry. Now you have to study to be a great person when you grow up.
She would just study and study only about seabirds until she turned 13 and it all changed. Her teachers called her parents saying that she couldn't keep up with the class and she had low grades because she was only interested in studying about seabirds. So her parents turned to her and asked her what she was thinking that she was doing about her life and what college did she expect to go to in the future with low grades. She got so angry that she started to print papers saying "Please help the seabirds by not throwing plastic or other used materials on the beach!" Then she built a plastic seabird and left it as a monument on the beach. When she turned 17 a researcher called Dr.Williams Smith was on a holiday on the beach and saw her great monument. He asked her if she wanted to do a research about the seabirds so she accepted and she started to research more about the seabirds but now with actual tools.
She was so into the project that she worked about 8 years with it and Dr.Williams Smith put her in charge of the company so she worked and made a lot of people change the way they think about throwing plastic on the beach. She became so important and respected in her field that she helped the government create a new law and she raised money for a seabird care.

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