Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Science Story


There was once a girl named Lucy, she was very intelligent and hard working. Her favorite class was science because she was learning astronomy, her best-loved subject on earth. One day Lucy was looking through her telescope when she saw something odd. The girl had recently studied asteroids, and easily found out that the weird fire red colored ball was actually an asteroid. She analyzed the asteroid DA14, which as far as she knew was the one who could possibly hit the earth in 2028. She easily identified the asteroid and thought it could be DA14. But she wasn’t sure. Lucy went to bed that night thinking about what that asteroid could be.
The next morning, Lucy made the decision of telling her science teacher about the asteroid during class so her classmates could be open to suggestions. Lucy couldn’t help herself during the break; instead of waiting for her class to start, she asked Mr. Stevenson’s what his opinion was .
- Well, Lucy... by the way you are telling me it does sound like you saw an asteroid, DA14. However, it should only be visible around the end of 2017, which is very odd. We should go to the city hall report, as usual, so don’t worry, maybe it’s nothing.
Unfortunately, Mr. Stevenson was wrong. It was the asteroid DA14, and it was coming to earth before it should. The Earth was in state of emergency. If that meteor hit Earth, most of the life would be gone. What was expected was that the asteroid would go around Earth, but the calculations were wrong after all. The people had around ten years to find a solution to the problem. Lucy studied asteroids like she never thought she could.
Around five years later, Lucy found the solution to make the asteroid go away from Earth. The asteroid was around 100 million miles from Earth, which was an advantage in Lucy’s solution. Lucy’s solution was actually simpler than expected. A small spaceship would be sent to the gap between the asteroid and the Earth. The spaceship would contain a powerful bomb, which wouldn’t completely destroy the asteroid or damage Earth, but it would make the asteroid crack into little pieces. Consequently, it would melt when in contact with the Earth’s atmosphere, thanks to the heat and speed.
Months later, the spaceship was launched at top speed into the space. It happened exacly like planned. When the asteroid went towards the spaceship, the bomb exploded the asteroid. The Earth was saved.
Later on, Lucy was nominated the youngest person to get the Nobel Prize since she had saved planet Earth. Lucy helped with many other conflicts related to space, but she will always remember when she saved humankind.

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