Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Science Story (Guilhermo)

In the morning of May 10th of 2014.

It was a sunny Saturday morning. Andre woke up to birds singing out loud. He gently made his way out of the bed into the bathroom to take a refreshing bath and brush his teeth. Subsequently, Andre ended up in break feast. While he ate a crunchy toast he thought with himself what would he do on that sunny golden, vivid day. He thought of all the possibilities and decide himself he would go out fishing.
Andre walked out of the house with a blazing colossal simple thinking on all the fish he would eventually catch. He made his way to his little boat and sailed to the middle of the lake. Andre got his fishing net and prepared himself for a day he thought would be extravagant. He lowered his net into the water and waited  peacefully waited but nothing. Andre discouraged and tired decided to have rest for a couple of hours. He cruised the lake back to his house where he stretched out in the grass and closed his eyes. After a couple of hours he woke to find himself completely burned in pain. He examined his skin and noticed t the sun had burned him. He was infuriated, he then asked himself if the sun would ever stop to shine. He himself didn't know the answer but though it wouldnt. So he rushed back into his room and asked his father, "father will the sun ever stop to shine"  His father perplexed with the anonymous and sudden question said he didn't know the answer to this problem. Disappointed  Andre asked once again but this time to his brother, " Victor, do you know if the sun will ever stop to shin?" Victor said he didn't but also said Andre should go talk to his science teacher which would probably know.  And once again Andre was defeated.  Emotionless Andre waited.

Morning of May 12

It was a dark morning, with powering rain. Yet, Andre wouldn't let looks deceive his feelings, he knew that today was the day ,he knew that he would finally get his question answered .  He hopped into the bus cheerful and excited. When the bus finally arrived he dashed to his science teacher room.  He found his science teacher sitting in his chair drinking a coffee. Andre came into the room and said, "good morning mr. Pro how are you doing, I need you to help me solve a question?" Mr Pro then said. " Hey Andre Im fine thanks… So what its this problem you need to figure out?" "Mr.Pro I have been wonderinig if the sun will ever stop to shine?" Mr. Pro responded Andre. " Yes Andre, the sun surprisingly one day will stop to shine." "Wooah " Andre Articulated ''But why?"  " Stars shine because a huge amount of energy is created in their cores by a process called nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion happens when lighter elements, like hydrogen, are combined into heavier elements, like helium.  Scientist say that In about 5 billion years, the hydrogen in the sun's core will run out and the sun will not have enough fuel for nuclear fusion. So, in about 5 billion years, the sun will stop shining." "thanks Mr.Pro" Andre happily responded. Andre than cheerfully and this time victorious walked out the room with a tremendous smile on his face.


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