Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Science story (bubbles)

Borat was at his retarded brother's Bilo's 10 years old party. He was really excited jumping and running around the house. Eventually, the clown of the party arrived and brought with him numberless props. Props that intrested the retarded brother Bilo. Borat started to go through the props and found a bubble machine. He turned it on and countless bubbles came out. When they flew through the air he wondered to himself, why are 1bubbles round? With no choice he dashed into his house and asked his father, "papa, why are bubbles round?" unfortunately he didnt know the answer. So then, Borat went to his room and surfed the net. He typed in google, Why are bubbles round? And then thousands and thousands of answers and links pop up. Borat clicked on the first result. And read for him self, bubbles are round because "bubbles are not always perfectly round all the time, But bubbles tend to be spherical. That's because bubbles basically are thin layers of liquid whose molecules stick together because they are attracted to one another, a phenomenon called cohesion. This creates a surface tension, a barrier that resists objects trying to move through it . Inside the layer, air molecules that are trapped and can't get out, even though they're pushing against the water. But that's not the only force acting on that layer. On the outside, more air is pushing inward at them. The most better way for the liquid layer to resist those forces is to assume the most compact shape, which is a sphere, in terms of ratio of volume . And than Borat finally answered his question. He then aproached to his retarded brother Bilo, and blew bubbles at him.

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