Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Juan's Lesson

One day, a boy named Juan was just sitting at home playing NBA. His controller would always run low on power when he started an online game and since he had no time to charge it between games, he had a bad win-lose record. This was another one of those days. He was an average boy. He did okay in school, he liked to play video games, and he was addicted to the Ice Age history. He was almost to the end of beating a mission when he overheard his mother and father talking about a new scientific discovery. Time travel had been discovered by a scientist named Dr. Bacon.  He was shocked by what he heard not just because of this sci-fi event becoming reality but by the facts he could actually visit a wooly mammoth. He was so excited, he decided to set out across the street to Dr. Bacon's office. As he was walking over, he was thinking what he could do. He could bring back animals from that era and show them to all his friends. When he arrived, he strolled into Dr. Bacon's lab. Dr. Bacon saw Juan and was about to call security when Juan started to explain why he was there. Both Dr. Bacon and Juan agreed after a while that they both wanted to shrink a couple of larger animals and bring them back to our current era for experimenting. So they grabbed Dr. Bacon's shrinking machine and initiated the time travel machine. Their destination: the last ice age. When they arrived, Juan and Dr. Bacon were stunned by the impressive scenery and the fact that wooly mammoths and other cool animals strolled all around them. The area was half melted. The only flaw it was raining. They wanted to get right down to business. So they grabbed the shrinking machine and shrunk an adult male and female mammoth. They then slightly shrunk a mid-aged male and female mammoth as well as two youngsters. The final pair of mammoths they wanted to shrink were some old mammoths. At this time, the storm started to intensify and start creating lighting To do this, they needed to electrically power the shrinker as it was out of battery. They had no electricity source. They could not go back to the lab and charge it for the time machine only allowed one round trip to a certain time period. This was just like what Juan always experienced with his controllers. He though to himself "how can we put electrical energy into the shrinker"? He then had an idea. They could put the shrinker in an area that had some sort of shrubbery and wait for lighting to hit it. Juan and Dr .Bacon both knew that lightning was attracted to trees. Within 10 minutes, a lightning strike had hit close enough to the machine to charge the machines. Dr. Bacon then shrunk the remaining two mammoths and they were on their way. They quickly warped back to the lab and started the tests. Juan and Dr. Bacon spent hours running tests. This was the most fun Juan had had in his entire life.

Soon enough, they became scientific heroes. Juan had not only learned the brilliant history of the wooly mammoth and earned all this fame, but also the fact to always remember to charge your batteries.

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