Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ji Won's Bake Sale

Once there was a young boy around the age of 13 that was called Ji Won. Ji Won lived with his two loving parents and a sister in a nice building. He was getting ready for a bake sale on Friday for boy scouts to try and raise 1,200 Reais for a project they have been working on. He was in charge of his favorite snack chocolate chip muffins. He headed to his laptop and found a great recipe for a dozen muffins. As soon as he entered the kitchen he realized he needed to buy some of the ingredients, so he asked his mom for the ingredients, such as baking powder, sugar, flour, and so on. As soon as she arrived he started to mix the ingredients. "1/2 a cup a sugar", he announced as he poured it into a bowl carefully. The recipe online didn't include how much baking powder to add it just said 1 (It didn't say 1 cup, 1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon, etc.). So Ji Won assumed it was 1 cup as he mixed the ingredients and left it in the oven. When he arrived he found the batter spread all across the tray. He took it to his dad and asked "What happened to my muffins?". "I don't know son, go ask your mom", responded his dad, like any dad in the world would've. The only problem was his mom went out to a bingo game at her friend's house. He decided to call his friend Christian, since his science fair project was based on baking powder affecting baking goods. As Christian answered "Hello?". Ji Won was quick to ask, "Christian, what happened to my muffins that I was baking, why is it spread all across my tray?". Christian responded, "It is simple, as soon as you mix the wet ingredients with the baking powder it will react immediately so did you save that for last?". "Yes, I did but why did it spread across my tray?", asked Ji Won once again. "Then it must be the amount of baking powder that you mixed in, how much did you have in the batch?", asked Christian. "Well there wasn't a measurement so I assumed it was 1 cup of baking powder", said Ji Won. "There you go, see, too much baking powder was your problem, since baking powder is used to raise batters". "Which what happens inside the muffins is that as soon as they are mixed (wet ingredients and the baking powder), the batter starts releasing carbon dioxide which raises the batter". "So the more you add, the more it will expand". "Which normally people add 1 tablespoon, not 1 cup of baking powder", Included Christian. "So isn't that good for me, because if I add more baking powder then I can use the small amount of ingredients to make 2 batches instead of ,1 right?", asked Ji Won. "Not exactly, the baking powder doesn't just raise the batter, but it also affects it's taste, texture, and look". "For example it is less sweet, softer (like a sponge), and has a lighter color", explained Christian. "Know I understand thank you, bye see you at school tomorrow, oh and don't forget to bring money and buy some muffins at the bake sale", said Ji Won, as he hung up. He created a new batch and remembered to add 1 tablespoon instead this time. The next day his group of boy scouts earned up to about 1,600 reais and Ji Won's muffins were the only thing at the bake sale that sold out!

The End

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