Monday, 19 May 2014

Convection,Conduction, Radiation!

Mr. Pro explained about convection, Conduction, and radiation.

Explain two ways of convection, conduction, or radiation that a pan could be heated up. 

Water in a pan is put outside in the morning and its temperature is 23 degrees Celsius. At noon, the water temperature is checked and its 33 degrees. The sunlight hits the water, and it heats up the water because it changes from light energy to thermal energy of the water. Also, the pan is heated and the pan heats up the water through conduction.

Why does most of the heavy rain happen on the tropic? 

most of the sunlight hits the tropic, and most of the rain forests are on the tropic. With this, the tropic evaporates, and later on has heavy rain.

Mr.Pro explained how the grading will work in the science fair.


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