Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Science Story

Charles Darwin's Story
                                                                  By: Mai Osawa
    Charles Darwin a scientist was born in 1809. He was always surrounded by the history family that had very strong interests in Science. In his family, there had been a successful physician and naturalist, Erasmus Darwin. His grandfather. As well as his father, Robert Darwin who has also been a successful physician. Since his mother died, he remembered his father most fondly. Following in his fathers footsteps, Charles Darwin decided to become a Physician.

In 1825, he became a medical doctor, but he found this job boring just like any other students around him. So he quickly decided to quit this job and find another one. Lanter on, he became a professional naturalist and dissector of animals. However, he found that a career as a physician was not for him.

That evening at the dining table, he and his father had a long serious talk. Charles was frustrated and disappointed because he couldn't find the job he wanted. But at the end of the discussion he and his father decided that he should pursue the life of a clergyman. A clergyman is a male priest or minister in the Christian Church, which has nothing to do with a physician. His days at Cambridge university was all about taking the same challenging classes with those who were aspiring to become a clergyman. But again, it wasn't the right career for him. After he had thrown away his dream of becoming an clergyman, Darwin became a keen observer and critical investigator in geology.

Nothing really happened until one day, he found  an irresistible job waiting for him. A couple of scientists was about to set sail in order to survey territory in South America, and conduct scientific experiments along the way. And they were looking for someone to come with them. At that moment, Darwin was desperate to get the job. He had finally found the perfect job that he was searching for his entire life. Before anyone knew, Darwin was accepted and set sail on December 27 in 1831. Darwin collected and categorized insects, flowers, and made observations on larger mammals. He came back from the trip in 1835. Even after he came back, Darwin kept on investigating and researching on transmutation. Which became a staple of Darwin's evolutionary theory. he raced to his pen and paper and wrote on his book, The Origin of Species , particularly from his memory. Many scientists and even public officials, gradually accepted Darwin's ideas on evolution.

In addition, Darwin's work was rewarded with a first day sell - out of 1250 copies. Which was a very large printing at that time. At that moment, Darsin knew he had officially accomplished his dream of becoming an scientists. However, as that time  Darwin was very, very old. And was soon buried next to another famous scientist name Isaac Newton. Until this day, Darwin has been an honored scientist that no one would ever forget.

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