Monday, 5 May 2014

Beginning Geology (Scribe post from Jason April 30)

Starting the class Mr. Pro made us answer a question about shoes, the question was:
Question: Where did the rest of the heel of the shoes go and how did it get there?
we discussed this question in groups of 3 or 4.

The answer that we came up with was-
Question: Where did the heel of the shoes go and how did it get there?  
  • It went to oceans or the ground.  
  • How?  As the person walked around the shoe was slowly worn down; small pieces of the shoe were left wherever the shoes went.  This could have been sidewalks, floors, homes.  These pieces eventually would be moved by cleaning, then to the garbage and then to a landfill.  Pieces on the sidewalk perhaps were blown into soil and the ground.  Or perhaps the pieces of shoe were picked up by runoff, and moved to a river and then to the ocean.

Afterwards the class discussed about how layers of rocks form and how fossils form.

The answer for the discussion that we had:
  1. How are fossils formed?
The living thing dies, or traces of the living things are left behind.  The material gets covered by something and then over time it turns to rock or the imprint of it turns to rock.
  1. What are the different kinds of fossils?
cast: the original material decomposed and a cast of minerals formed in the space left by the original material
mold: an outline of the original material
trace: things that a living thing left behind such as foot prints or dung.

In conclusion we This class we learned about erosion, weathering and deposition.
We also started learning about fossils.

links to sites about erosion, weathering and deposition:

And thank u for reading my post.

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