Monday, 12 May 2014

7th Grade, Science, Risk Taker, Story,

This Looks Cool
by Alê Bernal

In childhood, Kanar wasn't the type of person that would study, pay attention in class or do his homework. He only thought about other thing such as fun. Fun was everything for him, and when he could, he would have fun, even when he was not supposed to.
In the beginning of middle school, the started to find some interests in science, I mean, one aspect of science. Fossils. He wasn't really interested about the process for it to become a fossil, he was only interested to know how the creatures looked. He was a big fan of comics and some of the comic he saw, didn't read, involved dinosaurs. He was always amazed of how different and powerful they looked. He knew that people didn't exactly know how they looked like since all they had as evidence was their fossilized bones, yet, Kanar wanted more, he wanted to actually see them walking and living.
After his science teacher had announced that their new unit was geology, he thought that  it was going to be just as boring as the other units, though he didn't know that in geology, he would also study about fossils.
One day in class her heard the word "fossil" which surprised him. He felt a sense as if he had to pay attention. He tryed and tryed though he only understood about 1/3 of what his teacher was saying. In one part of the class, he also heard that his teacher mentioned his favorite movie, Jurassic Park. He remembered that in the movie they brought the ancient life forms back by cloning their DNA. Cloning was accomplished by extracting the DNA of dinosaurs from mosquitoes that had been preserved in amber. Kanar knew that his teacher also had amber which contained mosquitoes in it and that one of his friends, Woz, had the equipment to complete the process of bringing the dinosaurs back to life.
Kanar could only think about his idea for the rest of the day, with the consequence of not paying attention to his teachers instructions on why it would be a bad and terrible decision if someone brought a dinosaur back to life.
With nothing to lose, Kanar went ahead and without telling him, asked his friend if he could do that favor to him. Woz thought it was going to be a stupid and safe experiment that would most likely fail so he went ahead and did it for Kanar.
Woz took the DNA sample from the mosquito in the ambar and measured if the carbon levels were positive and able to support life. The results were positive affirming that it was possible. He then implemented the reassured DNA into a fresh ostrich egg and waited for the final results.
Woz wasn't experienced with cloning so he unintentionally quit the experiments and concluded that the results of cloned life were negative, though, they actually weren't. Woz left the project behind and moved on with others. He let the egg sit in his lab for days, then for weeks, until, the unexpected happend.
The egg surprisingly started to hatch without anybody noticing it. After the small young reptile started to make noises of hunger and pain, Woz noticed the sound and nervously went inside the lab and was left with nervosism. The little animal could barely move and was still not capable of opening his own eyes. Woz knew that the animal was inoffensive and knew he had to tell Kanar about it.
He invited Kanar to his house without mentioning to his parents. Kanar was just as surprised. They didn't know what type of dinosaur it was yet if was bigger, it would be scary. Kanar was excited and wanted to see him bigger, though he started to realize it would be dangerous. He knew the reptile could influence everybody's life in a negative way. "This little thingy could kill things he gets out of had" Kanar thought.
Woz proposed drowning it since he also had in mind the huge threat that the dinosaur could be. Kanar was shocked by his friend's proposal though the learned it was necessary. Kanar had learned that not anything that looked "cool" is good, and that if he payed attention to information given in school or by other people, it could be important someday.

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