Friday, 25 April 2014

Water is Beast

Today, we focused more on the wonderful unit of water.

First, we looked over the diagrams we made last class about the water cycle.

Then we listed different ways that the water cycle works.

Later, we watched a Brainpop about water and we also learned about how pesticides spread over fields are causing diseases because they are poisoning the groundwater we drink.

Then went on this document and had to study the topic of the group we were in.

The we got into new groups and they each shared what they came up with.

Group A
Explain Humidity=
It is the amount of water vapor in the air. Depends on temperature and normally happens in hot weather.

Group B
Explain how precipitation forms= 
The water molecules form in the clouds, they glue together, and they fall.

Group C
Explain the kinds of precipitation= 
Drizzle= Water drops falling slow and close together
Snow= Ice crystals clumped together
Hail= Dense Ice

Group D
Explain Global differences in precipitation=
Towards the equator, there are higher chance of getting precipitation. In temperate places, we get moderate precipitation.

In the last five minutes we tried to answer this question: 

Where does the energy of the water cycle come from?

Then we had to add these different molecules to our diagrams.


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  2. hey david
    thats a pretty good post you did there. i liked how you did it the "short and sweet" kind of way since you gave a brief explanation of the task and added a picture, which is self-explanatory. I don't really think that there is much you could improve besides maybe trying to add better descriptions to the pictures.

    If there was one thing that I would recommend that you improved would be to add better descriptions, as I said before. For example, when you are explaining the group activity about precipitation, you didn't say what the assignment was, so that would be something that I would improve on for the future

    Overall, I think that your post was pretty good, since it was straight forward, but i think that you elaborate on your points a bit more


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