Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"The Story of Time Travel" By: Jessica Zelasko

There was a girl named Meagan.  She was sixteen years old and loved science.  Although, she was most interested in time travel.  She knew that time travel wasn't possible though.  After school, Meagan went to the laboratory every day to do experiments and research more on time travel.  When she got home, she stayed up late at night dreaming or thinking about time travel.  She then had an idea.  When she went to science class she said to her class and teacher " I have thought of a way to develop time travel.  You have this machine, with a big, heavy handle.  The machine is kind of like a little room and the handle is on the outside.  When the person steps inside the room, the other person pulls the handle.  To set the time you want to go to, you have to punch the numbers into this little key pad on the outside of the machine.  It's brilliant right?!?"  She was grinning from ear to ear as her classmates are staring at her.  Then all of a sudden, the class starts laughing.  While her teacher is just staring at her, dumbfounded.  The teacher says "Meagan, you know time travel is not possible!"  Meagan then said "But it can be!"  Meagan went home and thought about it and started to doubt herself.  She thought that maybe they were right, time travel will never be possible.  She fell asleep with that on her mind.  She slept in, since it was the weekend.  She was in a bad mood most of the day.  Later that day, she started to think about time travel again, and how it would be so cool if something like that could be possible.  She decided she was going to prove everyone who doubted her wrong.  She started doing more research on time travel.  She didn't find much because it wasn't invented yet, obviously.  Although, she got enough to get her started.  She developed a sketch for what she wanted the machine to look like, and she bought many different materials for it.  She was putting cables and wiring together one day, when a fire started.  She was in the laboratory and the fire alarm went off.  She didn't want to leave everything, but she knew she had to.  When the fire was out and it was safe to go back in, she went in and saw everything she had made destroyed.  There was metal and glass everywhere.  The wires were burnt and were now useless.  Everything she has been working on was destroyed.  It was like she spent the last month doing nothing! She decided that she was done. She wanted nothing to do with time travel anymore. Meagan went the next two weeks not thinking about time travel, at least trying not to. One night, she decided to give her time travel invention another chance. She thought, maybe it will workout this time. The next day she went to the store and bought all of the materials again. She then went to the lab and got to work. She was putting together cables and putting the machine together. She was finally finished! She made a machine that could make things travel through time, if it works she thought. She decided to test it out, she got an apple and put it into the machine. She set the date to May 13, 1856. She pulled the lever, closed her eyes, and wished for the best. Nothing happened. She decided that she was only 13 and that it was ok that her invention didn't work. She decided that she would be a scientist when she is older and figure it out then, if the scientist haven't figured it out yet. Time travel is not yet possible but maybe in the future it will be.  

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