Friday, 25 April 2014

Substitute Brainpop

We started out the class by refreshing some words related to the Atmosphere, we had a quizlet we had to review to help us. Link:
We used the various game/activities that quizlet provides to further understand and memorize the definitions of the words.
Some of the harder words and their definitions are:
convection:movement in a gas or liquid in which the warmer parts move up and the colder parts move down
differential heating

the uneven warming up of land, ocean or other objects on Earth
The lowest layer of the atmosphere.

The next thing we did was watch some brainpops on the atmosphere, you can find more information by clicking on this link.

Afterwards, we reviewed another quizlet, this time on some questions instead of vocab words. You can review the questions by clicking here.

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  1. Ok, first, there is absolutely no information about what we did. Second, you could have used much more information in lots of documents and at least tell what were the brainpop videos about. What was the unit that we were studying about? What did we talk about the brainpop videos? For example you could include some words from the vocabulary quizlet, also main ideas form the brainpop videos.


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