Sunday, 27 April 2014

Study of the World

Today april 25 we did three things.

- We learned that the stories that we tell have to be made by us or retold in out words.

- We worked on our letter to the Brazilian Government about the Rio Tiete and Pinheiros.

- We learned about our new unit the study of the earth geology.

Geology is the study if the earth. Geology gives insight into the history of the Earth by providing the primary evidence for plate tectonics, the evolutionary history of life, and past climates. In modern times, geology is commercially important for mineral and hydrocarbon exploration / exploitation as well as for evaluating water resources. (

Some forms of Geology that we learned of today are the following:

a. a beach and the sand

b. An estuary/delta where a river meets the ocean

BBC - The Power of the Planet. Perf. Iain Stewart. Phil Dolling, 2007. Web

c. Steep Smooth Cliff in Yosemite Park

BBC - The Power of the Planet. Perf. Iain Stewart. Phil Dolling, 2007. Web

We learned that these land forms are made by energy. We used our knowledge from our first unit of energy and figured out the type of energy that was used to make these landforms.


  1. Give the actual questions and answers from our class tasks.

  2. It's a very good post, I like how you included the images and questions we reviewed in class. However, I think that, as Mr.Pro said above, that you should include the questions and answers that out class. Also, you should clarify, we didn't really learn about those landforms, but we learned how they were created. (First draft, needs more info.)

  3. James I really liked the fact that you have written the scribe post in a way that
    it explains mainly what we have learned and what we have done such as the how you wrote some
    questions that we discussed in class and answered them. James however I still think that
    you should link to sites that has more to do with the topic that we are talking about because
    the links that you have shown us there, are just links to wikipedia defining basic and general
    words like geology. Moreover James I think that you should be a little more descriptive about
    what we have learned during our class because what you wrote is very superficial and most of the information
    is just copied and pasted from the sci 7 blog. Lastly I think that if you have written the scribe post in a more
    organized and descriptive way you would have written a much better scribe post. If you fix the points
    that i pointed out I think that you would have done a much better job.
    Good Job James!


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