Friday, 25 April 2014

Letter to Brazil's Government!! (April 22 2014)

What did Did
This class, we mainly worked on writing an essay to the government. We used almost half of the time on writing our letter. Mr. Pro gave us all feed back to improve on how and what we could improve on. I think everyone was focused on their work and we were very focused.

What we Learned
We didn't learn anything from the teacher today because our test was over and so to continue on that current unit (Which is Water), we worked on our letter to the government. Even if it seemed like we didn't learn anything, everyone learned something from researching about the problems in the Tiete river or the river Pinheiros. For example, Mr. Pro gave us some ideas about the problems of the deadly river Tiete and Pinheiros in a document and we all took a quick scan and found some ideas to write about.
In conclusion, we learned about the most terrifying problems of the river Tiete and the river Pinheiros in science class.

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