Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Scribe post 2 (Abril 22 2014)

  • Listend to classmates scientific stories.
  • Worked on our letter to the government.
  • And lastly worked on finding our scribe posts and putting in their link into a doc.
Letter to the govermet

We Studied how the rio Pinheiros and Tiete are affecting our society and our nature. Mr.Pro assined use and paper where we would wright an letter to any politian we would like to send it to. We then wrote a letter saying  what the river is causing why is it causing that and how can we help it. Then give specific examples of how other countries solved their river problem like England and Germany. If you wish you may as well also wright how the politician can benefit himself if he makes this change. This isnt just an letter for our selves but Mr.Pro is actually sending these letter to the Goverment to see if they do something about it.

Class stories

Some weeks ago Mr.Pro assined a class project that until the end of the year we would have to wright a scientific story about how a cenario where happens something related to science. While they read their stories to the class some of use the adiance make a survey according to how well they went on their story and give them an overall grade. Them Mr.Pro gives that person a grade according to ours on the survey.

Scribe posts
Our class had to find our old scribe posts and publish them into a document that Mr.Pro created. On that doc we would  put our link to our scribe post so that in the future Mr.Pro has a chance to take a look on them again.

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