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Nov. 14 Scribe

Nov 14.

Lesson Sequence (~21 lessons)
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Nov 14th and Nov 18th - Lesson 11 - Hand back Tests, Pressure Pushes, Ozone Layer
  • Demo - how high can air pressure push water up?
  • What is happening with the ozone layer?
Content: We will go over any content and question from test that many students showed gaps in.


First of all, in the beginning of the class we changed seats, but it was very different from before because the arrangement from all the desks were different from before.

To start with, Mr.Pro gave us our tests back, and asked us to make our corrections. He shared us a document that has the test answers.

Commun Mistakes:

#58 A Question

#53 B Question

#34 C Question

#40 C Question

#41 C Question

#44 C Question

#45 C Question

#46 B Question

#48 B Question

#52 B Question

#55 A Question

What did They Learn from there Mistakes?

Videos ( Could not be uploaded )


  • Demo - how high can air pressure push water up?

What we learned?

We learned that the maximum hight that we can push water up is 10.3 meters. Also, that is we use something different like a pump, we can push water higher.

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  1. Stefano,

    First of all, after reading your post I liked how you were able to include most of the content to summarise this class.
    However, after looking over this lesson again, I think that there were a couple of things that could have been included in this post. For example, in this post there weren't many images so I couldn't really tell what was going on in that class. Maybe next time you should try and take the time to upload the videos to make the post more interesting. Another thing is that we had done some tasks in class about the background knowledge on how we lift water. If you could include that activity along with the answer key that would be great and the post would be more complete. Remember this was the class where we could go up to the top of the school and we would see how high water could go using pressure. It would be much better if you could have included images of Mr.Pro and us doing the experiment with lifting water through a tube. Overall, I think you were able to summarise most of the content, however there weren't much images to demonstrate what was going on.


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