Thursday, 20 March 2014

Tsunami Alert!

First we worked on our water issues project. We started by sorting who was working alone and who was working in a group, and which topics we were doing. After that, we started researching our topics using the sources on the document and other reliable sources that we found. The questions we had to answer were the following:

I. Explain the problem: Why is it a problem?
II. Explain the cause and science related to the problem.
III. Explain what people are doing to solve the problem.
IV. Explain how nature acts to solve the problem.
V. Explain and discuss different ways to solve this problem i the future.

Later on, we reflected a little on the history of stories, and Mr.Pro told the class a story about when he lived in China, and there had been acid rainfall because of a factory fire. We also watched the ''Story of Moken'' video, about a man who warned people that there would be a tsunami. Another person, an 11 year old girl named Tilly, also saw signs of a tsunami and saved many tourists. After the video, we talked about how people notice that a tsunami is coming.


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  2. Alicia,
    Your post was very good. The grammar and punctuation made for good flow. However, I did believe there was room for improvement. First, You could add links to the videos we watched so other people can see them. You could also add some explanations about what we watched in the video and what we learned. That way people understand what the video was about. You could also add the about reviewing the Science fair. You could also add a link for the document for block 1 so people can go back and find their topic. At the end, you could give some examples of how people know a Tsunami is coming to make the post a bit more informational. If it was possible, pictures would help make the post more active. Overall though, there is an explanation of what we did which was easy to read and gave the main points.


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