Monday, 17 March 2014

The Reporters of Oz

Today Mr.Pro introduced to us the topics for our Reporters class assignment the topics were the three gorges dam, Acid Rain, Amazonian Manatee, pollution of the tiete, Flooding in São Paulo State.

Here was Mr.Pro explaining the process.

 Diligent researching.

These were the groups for block 3.

 Finding Groups.

Great Progress

This class was a class dominent and based on roporting issues about (water), when we picked topics Mr.Pro let us have the ability to chose the same topic as someone else. For the project you had to learn about your topic then present or do a video (In Class) about your topic at the maximum of 25 minuts to present everyone.

 P.S If you think there are to many photos please Comment.

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  1. Hi Robbie, I think your scribe post was easy to understand what we did in class. Also, you added that if there are too many photos, please comment, but I think it's good to have many photos since they make it easier to understand what we did. Most of all, your title was very interesting. One thing to suggest is that you could have put what facts about the topics we had to report on. I remember that we had to report on what is the problem, causes and science related to it, what people are doing, what environment is doing and what we could do in the future. Overall, I think your scribe post was very good.


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