Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Future of Water

The class began by reviewing what we did in the last class by asking questions and having students answer questions about compressor diving and over fishing.

Mr. Pro then presents today's class and how we are going to be studying about water issues. The topics were the Three Gorges Dam, acid rain, vulnerable amazonian manatee, pollution of river Tiete, and flooding in São Paulo. Students then chose groups and then chose topics.

A) Three Gorges Dam (challenge)
B) Acid Rain
C) Vulnerable Amazonian Manatee
D) Pollution of River Tiete (challenge)
E) Flooding in Sao Paulo State, in Itaoca (near PETAR)

Groups then began to research about their topic and learning about why is it a problem, the cause of the of the problem and the science related to it, what people are doing to solve the problem, explain how nature solves the problem, and explain how their may be other ways in the future to solve this problem.

After 30 minutes of research and practice, the groups presented their research to the class in multiple ways, oral presentations, news reports, and power points, and explained thoroughly about animal effects, human solutions, evolution, and natures force. 

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  1. I think you did an excellent job, I think you could get a better angle of the photo so people can see what he is pointing at. Or at least explain what he is pointing out in the 2nd picture. I think you did well explaining what we did as groups explaining our topic. Overall you did great and keep up the good work.


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