Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Scribe Post Number 1. Jessica Zelasko

Our agenda for the day

1. First we checked our grade from the science fair.  The grade is on your science fair document, Mr. Pro may have made comments on it.
2. Compressor Diving in the Phillipines
3. He showed us a picture of scuba diving gear

4. we watched a video on compressor diving https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V21qpZ2Y9IA
5. We answered the questions below
  • What/ why is it the/a problem  1. shortage of fish  2. drowning  3. not wearing the right equipment 4. if they lose air they get stuck in the net
  • cause- 1. they may not produce as fast as we need them to   
  • science- 1. reproduction of fish
  • people  - 

  1. Nothing, they are going deeper to find more fish.  
    1. They could use nets that allow smaller fish to escape.  
  2. Not much
  • nature  Nature constantly reproduces and balances change to ecosystems.  But it’s difficult for the coral reef to keep producing fish if every time it’s fished 50% of the fish are taken.
  • future-  1. Have restrictions on times to fish.  2. Have parks where no fishing is allowed. 3. Have laws that limit the amount of fish/seafood you can take.  4. Have the infrastructure and officers to enforce restrictions and laws

Pacific Trash Vortex
1. we watched a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc6LvdsyJ4U
2. We answered the questions below.
Problem- kills life in that area, 


  1. The area is overfished
The fish don’t have time to reproduce.    
  1. They don’t have the money to afford safe diving equipment.    

Science- 1. currents carry the trash to a certain area,  
2. water cycle- runoff carries the trash to the ocean, 
3. Understand the science of pressure and decompression sickness 
4. Have to understand science of reproduction.

People- 1. The wealthy people are mostly the cause of the trash  
2. We can help by no plastic bags, recycle, no plastic

Nature-  Nature's water cycle causes the runoff to flow the garbage to one place.

answers (what Mr. Prophet wrote)

  • Choose 6 keywords from the last section of the article called “Patching up the Patch”.
  • Use those 6 words to make a 2-4 sentence summary of the section.


  1. Jessica, I believe that you did a great job on your scribe post. Maybe, you could have talked a bit about what each video was about or showed in order for people to understand it without having to watch the videos. Just extremely briefly, outlining the main points. Also, what does it mean when you are stating the questions and there is a 'people-' and nothing follows it? Maybe that was a mistake or a incompleteness. I'm not 100% sure, but Mr Pro had told us to name our project something creative, maybe that was something you could have done. Otherwise you did a very good job in your blog post!

  2. You could also include example summaries at the end of the post.


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