Monday, 3 March 2014

Scribe Post #1 - Sophia Takahashi

Scribe Post #1 – Sophia Takahashi



1.     Since the Science Fair was yesterday:


-          We will be reflecting/giving feedback about the Science Fair.

-          Nominations for the awards

-          And our own individual feedback about our Science Fair.

-          We also looked at the feedback from other parents/students/teachers using the QR Code.


We gave Nominations of awards: Science , and the feedback about what we could improve in the Science Fair; including our own opinion.



We looked at the results of the Survey, including the Nominations and Personal Reflections.


Mr. Pro’s Nominations:

-          Curiosity – Stefano or Kari

-          Innovative – Robbie

-          Critical Thinker – Alexandre & Alex

-          Risk-Taker – Gabi & Bianca

-          Communicator – Not Finalized – Mathaus & Gui





There were many Science Fair Projects involved measuring variables connected to water. So we connected these projects with real life.


Depth of Something In Water – Boats

Temperature Change In Water – Global Warming à Sea à Life is Dying

Time it Takes to Melt Ice with Salt – Sea Levels Rising & Glaciers/Ice Caps

Percentage of Water Of A Fruit – Coffee à Needs Water – Which Means Prices More Expensive


We read an Article About Acid Rains and What Happens To Animal and Tree Life.


California – Too Much Water: Flooding, People Needing To Leave Homes








We watched a video about Chile having no rain and were they get water from. How Can We Get Water From Places With No Rain?


We also talked about wild food from the oceans: Fish, Shellfish, Clams and Shrimp etc. How can we be sure that our wild food can still be sustainable if the population of humans is growing?

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  1. Hi Sophia! You did a very good job on your post. I think something you could improve on is making the picture of the agenda larger. it is hard to see, and I know you can just click on it, but I think it would be more efficient if the whole picture was larger. Also, the post should include the answers to the question that were asked in class. You listed them, but they didn't have an answer. I think it would be easier to understand with the question and then the answer to it. If you improved these small things, I think it would improve your post greatly. Good job!

    - Jessica


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