Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Science Essays and Stories?

March 18th & March 19th - Lesson 12 Water Unit
  1. Why are stories important to us?
    1. History of Stories
  2. What makes a good story?
    1. Problems and Solutions
  3. What is your story from the Science Fair?
Content: Students will
  • analyze and water issue using the following prompts
    • Why is it a problem?
    • Explain the cause of the problem and science related to the problem.
    • Explain what people are doing to solve the problem.
    • Explain how nature acts to solve the problem (challenge).  
    • Explain & discuss other ways to solve the problem in the future.  
  • Find information within texts and videos.

We started the class by working on our Science Essay based on water problems.

We finished sorting out who is working in groups or alone and what topic. Which we got to start working on right after everything was sorted out. We started making the outline and finding other sources other than the ones that Mr. Pro gave us.The questions that we have to solve with the research is:

After 20 minutes of working on our Essay we started working on "Stories"
Here is Mr. Pro's opinon on stories:

He read to us a document that was based on the information of Alexander Fleming (Site).
Document name: Story of Alexander Fleming - Why is bacteria not growing next to mold?

Problem and then the Solution
 After that we worked on making our own story and this was the format in the picture below:


How it looked like completed at the end
Not gabe,  the person doesn't want their name mentioned 


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