Monday, 17 March 2014

Projects, Pollution and Science Fair


First, we reviewed Mary's post from last class about what we did.  Then we discussed the agenda and what today would include.  After that, we learned that all our Science Fair grades are in and we can check them on our Science Fair template and rubric.
We are now getting back into our water unit so we started today by listening to a story Mr. Pro. told us about air pollution in China.  Some places are having very bad problems with air quality.  It can cause respiratory problems and can cause a very bad smell as well as bad looking air.  We also learned about how people are not allowed to write bad things in blogs or news in some countries, usually because of a dictatorship.  They want the country to seem really good and make it sound like everyone is happy even if they are not.
    After Mr. Pro. told his story, we looked at some articles about pollution in China with great pictures and information.  This brought us into the discussion of our big project coming up.  We discussed possible types of project including in-class/take home essays, slideshow, video prezi etc.  The articles and project ideas are at this link .  The project is to choose one water issue topic either from a list on the document, or another one you find out about with teacher approval.  We learned about how you should describe and give your topic to get an A.  This includes not just stating your topic but explaining it very thoroughly and giving specific examples and reasons in your text.  We looked at possible topics and discussed most of them but not in great detail yet.  We looked at dams and the problems they cause and fix.
     After a bit of discussion, we got 10 minutes to look on the document for projects we might want to do.  Then we got editing rights to sign up for a topic.  Some people chose to work in pairs.  If there was a dispute like 2 people signed up for the same topic, it was settled using rock paper scissors.
After we had finished choosing our topic we had to write a blog post reflecting on the Science Fair.  The first part had the prompt: I used to think..., but now I think... The second part was to think about what we could do better next year in terms of data collection, processing, conclusion and evaluation and presentation.          

Mr. Pro. was explaining the projects.

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  1. Kari,

    Very good grammar and organization. In my opinion, you shared a lot of what we actually did in class, but not what we learned. You should write important facts or examples about water issues, or even places that have contaminated air. Furthermore, try to split all of your writing into little parts with other related images so the readers don't have to read *everything*. For example, in ads, you have to write as little as possible in order for the readers not to feel any laziness. Overall, you gave details about the class, however add more of what you learned.


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