Monday, 10 March 2014

Pacific Trash Vortex/Commpressor Diving and The Science Fair


Last minute Presentations:

We also reviewed other peoples documents and rubrics just in case you needed to correct them.


Why is it a problem?
Compressing Diving

  • People risking lives to fish
  • Too few fish
Pacific Trash vortex

  • Biggest Landfill in the world

Explain the cause of the problem and science related to the problem?
Compressing Diving
  • The area is overfished
  • The people don't have  the money to afford the right diving gear
Pacific Trash vortex

  • The water cycle takes the trash all the way to the ocean

Explain what people are doing to solve the problem?
Compressing Diving
  • Nothing, they are trying to get more fish

Pacific Trash vortex
  • Not much

Explain how nature acts to solve the problem?
Compressing Diving
  • Nature constantly reproducing and balances change to ecosystems. But it's difficult for the coral reef to keep producing fish if every time it's fished 50% of the fish are taken

Pacific Trash vortex
  • Nature tries to dissolve it

Explain and discuss other ways to solve the problem?
Compressing Diving
  • Laws about how much you can fish
  • Restrictions on time to fish
  • Fish hatchers to help grow small fish and then release them
  • Fish farms
  • Donate equipment  to fishermen
  • Be educated

Pacific Trash vortex

  • Take away unnecessary plastics like bottles or toys

To end the class we had to find six key words in this article on National Geographic

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  1. Sydney- I enjoyed reading your post. I think you pretty much covered everything from that class very well. Maybe instead of bullet points you could try and explain more by writing it out in sentences. I thought you added in nice pictures as well.


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