Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Scribe Post #1 Hyejune Lee

On March 18th (Monday), we had a lesson with Dr. Ohler.

Before he came, we were given a task. Each of us had to choose a water issue and had to research.

A few minutes later when he came, he told us a story about a girl called Martina whose uncle who has a voracious appetite was coming for lunch. However, his story had no problems and therefore no resolutions. Then, he told us to make the story more interesting.

As a result, this is the summary of the modified version of Martina's story.

After giving the story some problems and resolutions, we had to do a task. It was writing a story about the science fair, what went wrong during the preparations/ presentations.

These were the presented work.


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  2. HyeJune,
    You post was very well organized and I could understand what we did in class. Yet, I believe that if you added more details about the specifics on how to write a good story your post would be better. I know that it was hard being the scribe in this class and you did a good job, but my only advice would be add more detail.


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