Friday, 28 March 2014

How do we make amazing presentations?

How do we make amazing presentations?
I believe that the most important skill in not just Science, but in your life, is to be able to communicate with others.
March 27th & March 28th - Lesson 15
Your water issue: Explain your issue using scientific language.
  1. Begin or continue working on your product (essay, presentation, model…)
  2. For students doing essays review: How to use transitions to connect your paragraphs.

I will come to you at least once to answer questions and check on your progress.

Content: Students will
  • analyze and water issue using the following prompts
    • Explain the problem.
    • Explain the cause of the problem and science related to the problem.
    • Explain what people are doing to solve the problem.
    • Explain how nature acts to solve the problem (challenge).  
    • Explain & discuss other ways to solve the problem in the future.  
  • Find information within texts and videos.

What to do and not to do on a presentation:

What NOT to do:
What to do:
give too much information/text without a story

organize the information in a story (beginning, middle leading to a climax, and a conclusion)

For your water issue: the problem building to the solution (humans and nature), conclusion: summay and possible future solution

presentation (in any format: slides, video)
-have lots and lots of text on a slide

-have too many ideas on one slide

-have too many images so people can’t see them; have low resolution
-have the text as notes that only presenter can see and just have keywords on the presentation

-have one major idea as a title for each section

-clear images that relate to your topic and draws people’s attention to your slide (have color)

How it was before learning the tips: 
How it was fixed: 
See more examples at this presentation

Student examples: 
What is wrong: the second bullet point is too big
no images


Bullet points are shorter 
has image



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  2. Dear Julia C.,
    In my opinion, you did a very good scribe post. To begin with, I think that it was good that you put many images. Plus, I like how you describe the difference between each slide. On the other hand, there is something to improve. First, you forgot to talk about transitions which was the last part of the the schedule. Possibly, you could do this by listing transitions that could be used or you could write some examples of how to use them. All in all, I think that this would make the post easier to follow. Next, I think that you used media effectively for the purpose of your post, and you used labels correctly. In addition, your post was organised well.

    Lucas T.


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