Sunday, 23 March 2014

Choose...Research... and Start the Outline!

What did we do on Thursday? 
Well, to refresh everyone's mind, we went through our water issues. After everyone had their water issues clear in mind, we needed to research more. The class did research on Tuesday, but Thursday was just the finish to our in-class research...

From this document, you could learn many important facts from your topic. All of these links will help you on the essay or presentation you're doing. 

Consequently, after having a fully knowledge of our water issues, Mr. Pro gave us a link to fill out a form. This form contained questions that required specific information called the outline. Some people decided to make full paragraph answers so they can simply copy and paste to essay, etc. Some people decided to give a short and simple answer so they can expand more afterwards. In fact... This are our deadlines. If you didn't do your outline, you better do it now!

From this timeline, you know when to finish the tasks you're doing and submit the form by clicking on the link. 

You can find the form in the Science Office, going directly to the Current Unit (Water).  

Submitting this form is of a great help because Mr. Pro can give you feedback about what you need to change or include. From this form, you get a better idea for what to write on your essay so it goes smoother. Also, had a chance to know whether this topic was good for you, or you needed to change.

Later on, Mr. Pro discussed how important it was to look at the rubrics for the final presentation. There were many formats someone could use to outline what they researched. For example, some could choose writing an essay or choose doing a PowerPoint presentation. 

  Perusing this further, the rubrics helped us know what specific information you need to include in the presentation or in the essay. One of the most important things you needed to include in your final results were the voice. The more formal it is, the more likely the official is going to read it.

Thereafter, one of the many important points there is in the final presentation is citing the sources you used. It really is a lot easier to copy and paste the link into your research presentation, but it would look much neater if it's done in an automatic citing site. For example, you can use Easybib and simply fill in the missing information given. 


Another important thing we learned to do was citing the information you used on your final results. When going to this link, there are many options asking you to cite a Website, Book, Newspaper, Journal, Database, and many other important formats. The most used one is the website citing because it's extremely easy. Firstly, you need to place the cite in the citing bar. Afterwards, it tells you what types of information was found and what is needed. Thirdly, you need to add the missing information by looking at the webiste you used. Last but not least, copy the link and copy it into the document. 

Another point is that you need to go to your document and click on the tab "research" right after the information you are about to cite. Then, search the topic you are writing on and, in the research bar, click on the cite tab. In the end, the link is going to appear in bottom of the page.  

Lastly, Mr. Pro gave us a quick reminder of our Story assignment. He went through the guidelines, which says what it should include and what it should be about. Additionally, we talked about what our stories should look like. Meaning that out stories should have a kind of format; for example, one could do it in a slide-show, or poster. There are many ways to represent a story. 

Additionally, these were the guidelines for the formats you could present your researched topic. 

To conclude with, most of the time was doing research and filling out the outline. The rest of the class was discussing the story outline.

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  1. You made a mistake in the sentence below. (delete the "after")
    - Afterwards, after having a fully knowledge of our water issues -

    You also made a mistake in this sentence.
    - Thereafter, one of the many important points -

    Over all your post was very easy and understandable because you mentioned everything that the class did. But I think it will be more helpful for the viewers reviewing from your post, if you post all the links for all of the documents we used during this class.


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