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This is our schedule for the day:

Report Water Issues
  • I believe if people are informed about water issues, they will take act to help solve the issues
March 12th & March 13th - Lesson 10
Content: Students will
  • Describe how our interaction with our environment affects the environment and us.
  • Finding information within texts and videos.

1- We made a brief recap on what we learnt last lesson (pacific trash vortex and over-fishing using compressor diving). 
  • The Pacific Trash Vortex is a large amount of trash in the Pacific Ocean with trash being brought mainly through currents from the various continents around it. 
  • Compressor diving consists of a fishing technique using breathing tubes. It is unsafe and the cause is the lack of money for correct materials. We also studied the over-fishing aspect of the story.
2- Mr Pro explained the assignment, reporting on water issues. We had five topics to choose from:
a) the Three Gorges Dam in China
b) Acid rain
c) Vulnerable Amazonian Manatee
d) Pollution on the river Tietê
e) Flooding in Itaóca, São Paulo state. 
We could present the information through subtopics (who? what? when? where? why?), or an interview. 
The presentations must answer the following questions/ criterions:

Why is it a problem?Explain the cause of the problem and science related to the problem. Explain what people are doing to solve the problem.Explain how nature acts to solve the problem (challenge).  Explain & discuss other ways to solve the problem in the future.  

 These are a few initial facts given to us on the introduction given to us by Mr Pro:
  1. The Three Gorges Dam 
  • The largest dam in the world, famous for the controversy. When it was built, many people had to leave their homes because of flooding. It is so large that people suspected it for causing earthquakes. 
  1. Acid Rain 
  • Rain that has been made acidic by pollutants in the air, a problem due to causing health problems to people and harming forests. 
  1. Vulnerable Amazonian Manatee
  • A large animal soon to become endangered. 
  1. Pollution the river Tietê
  • Caused mostly by factories and sewage systems. 
  1. Itaóca- a place in São Paulo close to Petar. 

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