Thursday, 27 March 2014

BREAKING NEWS!!! dies away and Google takes over!!!

Today's agenda:

What improvements can you make to your water issue outline?
How can you cite sources using the research feature of GoogleDocs?
March 25th & March 26th - Lesson 14
Your water issue: Explain your issue using scientific language.
  1. Copy and paste the outline and comments I sent to you into “Your Water Issue Template” that I put in your Science Folder
  2. Improve your outline.
  3. Further research using library databases especially ebscohost. 
    1. Login to the library.
    2. Go to the upper school library.
    3. Find the databases.
    4. Login using the username: graded, password: ebsco
  4. Add the sources you’ve already used using the Tools → Research feature of GoogleDocs.
  5. Begin working on your product (essay, presentation, model…)

I will go around the classroom to answer questions and check on your progress.

Content: Students will
  • analyze and water issue using the following prompts
    • Why is it a problem?
    • Explain the cause of the problem and science related to the problem.
    • Explain what people are doing to solve the problem.
    • Explain how nature acts to solve the problem (challenge).  
    • Explain & discuss other ways to solve the problem in the future.  
  • Find information within texts and videos.

1) Students put Mr. Pro's feedback on our "What's Your Water Issue" Google Doc.:

First, Mr. Pro sent us an e-mail with the feedback on our water topic...
... then we had to put it in our documents.
2) With the feedback given, we had to improve our documents. Mr. Pro introduced to us a new and more reliable way of searching for something in the internet. The site is called EBSCOhost. To find it, you must log into the Library, go to the Upper School Library, then find the databases, and finally, log in using the username: graded, password: ebsco.

3) Mr. Pro went around to help with the outlines.

4) Later, Mr. Pro announced to us that had died, and in its place came Google, with its lighting speed. In only three clicks you can site your sources. You simply have to add the sources you already used using the Tools → Research feature of Google Docs.

4) Finally, students started working on their presentations. Remember, you had to chose either a story, a slideshow, a video, a prezi, a poster, an oral presentation, or any combination. You could also do a debate, a model, or a brochure. Debates, prezis and slideshows are the only choices if you are working in pairs. The time limit for 1 person is 4 minutes, and for 2 people is 7 minutes.

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  1. Your post is really good and you explained well. Maybe, you should take screenshots of the easy bib or the google to help. Also, your name shouldn't be a label. What's your water issue shouldn't be a label. 7th grade shouldn't be a label also because this site is only for 7th grade and Mr.Pro knows we are in 7th grade. You should also explain how to use the research tool in Google Docs. I liked that you took a lot of pictures. Good job!


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