Friday, 7 February 2014

What would we do witout water!?


  1. What did we learn about ocean currents?
    1. Check out the scribe post.
  2. Demos
    1. How can break apart water?
    2. How do water pumps work?
  3. Study for your test (15 mins)
  4. Science Fair Information
    1. Start bringing in your materials if you are collecting data during class-time.
    2. There’s a copy of this document in your Science folder to guide your Science Fair Project.  


We revised the ocean surface currents and compared different places in the world to see which costs are cooler and hotter. We made analisis to see which parts of earth were hotter and which were colder.


  1. How can break apart water?

  1. How do water pumps work?
We revised pressure and how it makes water pump. We said why a pump might be important and for what we could use it.

Study for your test (15 min)

We had time to study for our test using Quizlet flashcards and scatter. We revised D, C, B and A questions for this unit. Here some examples of questions: 

D) Write down at least one reason why water is important.

c) Write down an example of a property of water that can be measured. Write down the units for the measurement.

B) Explain two reasons why the water cycle is important to society.

A) Humans are affecting the water cycle. Hypothesize another way in which humans are affecting the water cycle and what the effects are. (3 - 1 for an effect + 2 for explanation)

Science Fair

People worked on their science fair project until the end of class. 

Mr. Pro had boxes that people could use.
People also made research during that time that could help them in their project.
Mr. Pro answered questions people had about their project.

Here is a document to guide your Science Fair Project.  


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  2. Alejandro,

    Your post is really good! You organized your post in timely order, which was very good. I like how you had two relevant links that we used that day in class, one from Quizlet and one from the science blog. There are a couple things that I noticed you were missing from your scribe post. For example, you could talk about what you learned specifically. That way, if people were absent, they would know what kinds of things they missed. Also, you have media, but you don't explain why they were relevant to the class and our learning. Finally, you have a few grammar errors that you could fix. This seems like a lot, but I have some suggestions for you. To begin, you could read your post aloud to yourself, then it will be easier to detect any errors. Also, you could use the links on the blog from that site to review the things we learned. That way, it would be easier for you to summarize it into a post. Lastly, you could explain the pictures you have, and why they relate to our learning. Overall, great job!



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