Monday, 10 February 2014

Water, Water, Everywhere!

1.  We focused on how the ocean currents had warm areas and other cold ones, and we revised our maps.

  • Red represents the warm parts

  • Blue represents the cold parts

We learned that;

  • Warn water --> Raises
  • Cold water  --> Sinks
  • The southern currents are warmer because they come from near the equator.

 We also discussed the different temperatures due to the currents. And we found out that it all depends in the place you are in because some parts of the currents are cold and some are warm.

2.  We saw an example of how water could be broken apart
And we also saw how water pumps worked.

Water goes into the motor ran by electricity then the motor builds pressure inside and shoots out the water.

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  1. Dear Martu, Great job on your scribe post it was really interesting. I like how you put the agenda as the first thing on the post and then you explained it. I just wish that you could explain a little more on what the class learned and what you learned, because you really just stating everything. Overall you did a really good job!


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