Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Water Cycle

Science Class  Feb 3

Today in class we did a mini experience. It involved 2 glass containers, 2 thermometers and a hot plate. After the picture there is a link about this experience
Glass Container 
Hot Plate

Link: https://docs.google.com/a/graded.br/document/d/1GDEbmHjEuc820k9Jy2VDhmj9PMiVw9JptQAZ_giKSvg/edit

First we took the two glass containers and filled it up with water. Then we warmed up one glass of water and the other one we put it on the table. Later we put salt on both of the container. The salt dissolved in the hot water and in the room temperature water the salt sinked. After that we put the hot water in to the freezer. This are some pictures:

The hot salt water in the freezer 
Hot salt water after going to the freezer

  Mr.Pro also explained about the ground water for us. This is a picture of the board that Mr.Pro showed us and I am going to put the link so you can see it better.
Ground Water  
Link: https://docs.google.com/a/graded.br/document/d/1YC9rsgZGQ76Ik8TV6AuAaxGEVOSVEGUgaytkxv_O-Lo/edit

After Mr.Pro explain a little bit of under ground water he gave us a small form to fill in and this is the link of the form: https://docs.google.com/a/graded.br/forms/d/1NKsxNIGTnPuUwV6I2bODxhVCcyspUuGsdmGjmCWyaqw/viewform After doing the form you can check your answers on this link: https://docs.google.com/a/graded.br/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0As6iOfTilkthdGFLeUVrRl9MZmo2R0FSR3NnX2liM0E#gid=0

Later we studied a little bit for the quiz and this is a source you can use that can help you a lot: http://quizlet.com/35298663/water-quizlet-1-flash-cards/ 
But you can also read the book to help you find more information. 
Jonathan reading a book to find out more about water cycle.

Also don't forget the dates of the science fair project:
  1. Feb 13/14th: Design deadline
  2. Feb 17/18th: Data collection deadline
  3. Feb 19/20: Data processing, conclusion and evaluation deadline
  4. Feb 21/24: Presentation materials deadline
  5. Feb 25/26: Refinement and ready for presenting
    1. How do I make a research question from a topic that interests me?
    1. You only require a partner if you have a difficult investigation or you are collecting lots of data.
Thank you for reading my post!


  1. Caroline,
    I thought your blog post was really good, especially the photos. They really helped support the post itself. It's also great that you have so many links so that the reader can follow your post even better. You also described the process of the experiment well. However, you might want to work on the sentence fluency and word choice. Also, you need to identify the skills that we used during the class.

  2. Caroline,
    I think it is good that you have pictures and you wrote what they represent. Also, you explained pretty well what we did. The only problem that I have with this post is that, even though I like that you put visuals in, not all pictures are relevant. For instance, it is not necessary to show Jonathan reading a book. The students that weren't here that class can not get any information from it. Instead, you could write what pages we studied


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