Friday, 7 February 2014

Groundwater: a Delicate Savior

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  1. Lucca,

    I think your post overall was very organized and well written. It had specific information about what we did that day, and you thoroughly explained them. However, your post had too much words compared to the amount of pictures you had. So when I first entered your post, I kind of didn't want to read your post, so laster on, I think you should put more pictures, and put a brief explanation for the pictures.

    Although you wrote down most of the things we did, there still were some parts missing. For example, in the starting of the class, we talked about the heat wave and the shortage of water in Sao Paulo. Also, we had time to study and prepare for our unit test using quizlet. Finally, we also talked about the deadlines for the Science Fair Project, and also, we had to come up with our research question.

    So overall, I think your post was detailed and specific, but it will be better if you put all the things we did, and also, more images than words.


    Tobin Min


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