Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Feb 10 - Water

The Agenda for February 10 th was:

As you can see above, we talked about how the water currents affect people.
We came up with how the water currents help with the transportation of shipments and the fishing of fish, and other marine animals.

Next, in this link, you can read about what happens when high voltage electricity goes through water.

The images above shows how saltwater molecules are reacting faster then the fresh water.

These pictures are all things that we did in class.


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  2. Julia, I like how you put many pictures and you explained them. However, I think some of them aren't related to the topic and are a bit useless. I think you should have put a more interesting title to call people's attention. Also, instead of putting a link on it, you could just write what is on the link on the post, and say it is from the link. It is good so you don't need to open more pages, you can see everything in just one page.
    Good job overall!


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