Monday, 10 February 2014

Guilhermo Gonzalez blogpost #1

  1. After introduced to the schedule we moved on to a reviewing question from last class:

- How does the water currents affect people?
- We answered,  temperature.

2.  After having heard answers we moved on to our question and demo of the day:

-What happens when high voltage electricity goes through water?
-How do water pumps work? 

-The answer was,''Energy is stored in the bonds of molecules. When these bonds split apart, the energy released can be used to do work. Breaking apart liquid water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gas creates an enormous amount of energy, which can be turned into useful electricity to power our homes and cars.''  states


- For the second demo, Mr. Pro answered that in the pump there is a fan that creates pressure that pumps the water. 

Finally, we studied and prepared for both the science fair and the science test that will  be on wednesday, February 13 2014

questions such as: 


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  2. Gui,

    Your post has a part of the context of the lesson, showing what we learned and efficient for people who didn't come to the lesson. You didn't explain most of our different perspectives, and how the second demo showed us how the fan pump made pressure to the water. You could have organised your post efficiently, making it easier to follow and comprehend. Some parts were harder to understand, since I didn't understand what the answer meant. You could have showed your understanding to the experiments and lessons, showing what your learned, and how that changed you understanding. You added great pictures, but could have added more showing what the 'answers' meant.


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