Monday, 27 January 2014


In the beginning of class, Mr. pro was telling the answers for the activity we did last class. For the mystery drink, the glass in the vinegar broke because of the glass. The experiment with the electricity water on accident for one day and the water turned into bleach because the cord was in the water. The experiment with the metal in the water is possible because the water pushes the metal up. When you put lemon in a hot temperature you can see what you wrote.

Water is viscous which means that it sticks to itself and solvent which dissolves things such as salt. Also water freezes and turns into ice or can melt. Water also can evaporate or condense. The students had to draw a chart and write about how we directly use water and how society uses water for. For example cooking, skiing, energy and sports. The difference between and saltwater and freshwater is the amount and the density. If there was 18L in earth we could only use one percent so most of the water is useless. In the dead sea you can float because there is soo much salt. Then we watched Tim and Moby.  We learned that the water evaporated and becomes freshwater then it precipitates into rain snow or hail. After the students were told to draw the cycle.

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    Overall, I think your post is ok, but it needs some adjustments. Firstly, I think you should explain ideas more, and add some details.
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