Sunday, 26 January 2014

Water Expedition

Scribe Post By: William Morrissey

Class Schedule:

Welcome Back!  
  • I believe that this classroom should be a safe, positive learning.
  • I believe that the classroom is more enjoyable when everyone knows what to do.
  • I believe everyone should discover themselves.
Jan 22nd & Jan 23rd - Lesson 1
  1. Welcome Back
    1. Find your seats!
    2. Reminder: have your labeled task books in your block’s bin.
    3. Bookmark our new Unit Page on the Science 7 @ Graded site.
  2. Science Fair:
  3. Discover Yourself:
    1. What matter are we made of?  
Film Viewing: BBC - The Cell - Hidden Kingdom - 0:40 - 1:40
Content: Students will
  • describe some properties of water.
  • Make relevant qualitative observations.
  • Make logical deductions based on observations.

Welcome Back!

Mr. Pro Starts class by Introducing the new unit to newcomers and returners to Mr. Pro's Science 7 Class. 

Mr. Pro describes that we will go over again the class expectations. 

We continue onto the first task, to bookmark the current unit page

Mr. Pro explains what the next unit is. Unit 3 is Water.

Our second task is to do the following quiz for what the expectations are in class.

We continue on to the science fair! Mr. Pro shows us the documents for our projects and to request partners for the science fair.

After this brief look at the future we turn back to water and a experiment. 

Mr. Pro shows us a video from the BBC about how we are carbon.

Then Mr. Pro Shows us an experiment with different temperatures of water for and how the molecules react. 




Then we move onto the experiment that the class will do separately.

Experiment A/B:
Mystery Liquid
Part I:
Use Your Senses to predict what water based liquids are in the dish's. Over 90% of the mass of the volume of the liquids is water.
Part II: 

Experiment C: 



Experiment D:

I was not able to get footage, but the staple would only stay on the water if you placed it very carefully not if you dropped it.

I ran out of time before I was able to look at experiment E, and some people used experiment F more the once so I was not able to get footage before it was to late.

Mr. Pro then wrapped up class by doing a quick review of what we did. 

My Scribe post -

~William Morrissey


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  2. Will,
    You did a very good job in your scribe post. The images and the links made us understand the class better and I think that that is very important. I also think that using pictures taken directly from the computer gives it a better quality and is much better then some other scribes that used a phone to take a picture of the screen .One thing I think you can improve on is how you didn't have a lot of information. You had a lot of pictures but not a lot of text which is okay but not the best.


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