Friday, 24 January 2014

The Water Wonders

January 22nd

Today was the first science class of the second semester.

We started of with Mr. Pro reminding us about classroom procedures. We then did a quiz about classroom procedures, which can be found in this link:   We then went over the quiz with Mr. Pro.
Review of Quiz

Next, Mr. Pro quickly showed us the science fair guidelines and some examples of research questions.

Then, we watched a small part of a video that Mr. Pro found. It was about what humans are made of. We reviewed those in class, so that everyone could get a better understanding of all those substances.

Same Weight

After that, we did an investigation to see how fast dye would spread in cold water, room temperature water, and boiling water. The boiling water won, because when particles are warmer they move faster.

Then, we each had to split up and do some investigations which Mr. Pro prepared for us. There were five stations.
#1 - There were different liquids in bowls. We had to use our senses - sight, smell, touch, taste - to determine what were the different liquids.

#2 - We had to compare salt water and fresh water by placing a lemon in each one.
#3 - We had to test the ability of salt water versus fresh water to carry electricity. We had to put two electrodes in each and see which one had a higher reading.

#4 - We had to take one staple and put it in a bowl of water to see if it floats or sinks.

#5 - We had to mix exactly 10mLs of water and 10mLs of ethanol and then measure again to see if there was exactly 20mLs of mixed liquid.

#6 - We had to dip a cotton swab on special liquid Mr. Pro provided and write a symbol, letter or word on a piece of paper. Mr. Pro said we had to see the message next class.

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