Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Everything is Water !

Today was our 2nd class for Unit 3 ( water ) , and we looked over the observation of last class. 

Actual Liquids:
Liquid U : salt water
Liquid V  orange drink
Liquid W  100% orange juice (natural)
Liquid X tapwater
Liquid Y Coca Cola
Liquid Z Vinegar


What are some basic properties of water?

a. It's viscous: it sicks to itself.
b. It's a solvent : it dissolves things such as salts.
c. When things are dissolved in water, some of the properties of water change.
i. For example, the boiling point of water increases when salt is added to water.
i. For example, the boiling point of water increases when salt is added to water.
d. Pure water (at standard pressure ) boils at 100 degrees Celsius and freezes at 0 degrees Celsius.


Next, we answered this question looking at an image. 
What do we use water for?  

Task : Write down everything that we use water for. 

The class answer was - watering garden, drinking water, farming ( crops and animals) , fishing, snow, stopping fire, peoples homes, industry


Afterwards, we answered the question below.  
Where is fresh water and salt water? 

The class answer was, 

salt water               fresh water

oceans ( 97% )       lakes 
lakes                      rivers - tributaries 
                              under ground ( main source) 
                              ice caps


If we keep using fresh water. Why doesn't it run out? 

class answer : Water evaporates and becomes freshwater then it precipitates ( rain, snow, hail )
Next, we drew the water cycle diagram in our task book.  

The water cycle

verbs                                      nouns

evaporate                            mountain
condense                             run off
freeze melt move flow        river 

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  1. I think your post overall was good! I think that in the beginning of your post was confusing when you talked about our observations from last class. It was just there and did not really explain anything. I also think you should put the agenda for the day because it would have helped to see what we were doing today. But the rest of your post was good like how you did those lines to separate what we were doing. Also your pictures were really clear and good.


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