Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Carbon Cycle

How does the carbon cycle affect us?

At the begging of science began talking about our new subject, which is the Carbon Cycle. He began teaching us the basics of how we affect it, how it affects us, and why.

Definition: The carbon cycle is the movement of carbon on Earth.

Block 3:
How do we affect the carbon cycle?  (What do you know?)
  • we breathe out carbon dioxide (CO2) (and also fart)
  • we burn fossil fuels in factories and automobiles which adds CO2 to the atmosphere
  • we cut down trees which reduces the amount of trees absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere
  • we’re burning trees adds CO2 to the atmosphere

What are the natural parts of the carbon cycle?  (What do you know?)
  • fossil fuels are buried ancient plant/phytoplankton matter that became liquid/solid
  • volcanic eruptions add CO2 to the atmosphere
  • decomposition of plants, animals add CO2 to the atmosphere
forests remove CO2 from the atmosphere.  The most important forests are tropical rainforests including the Amazon.  
Later Mr.Pro showed us a BBC video that talks about the carbon in the air and how it is started and fixed. In the video "BBC HD The Power Of The Planet " it explains how carbon in our atmosphere affects us humans, animals, and nature.


Mr.Pro then asked us the write in our task book say what adds carbon in our atmosphere and what removes it from our atmosphere.

In your task books, predict whether the following things add CO2  to the atmosphere or remove CO2  from the atmosphere:
  1. Phytoplankton
  2. Forest fires, both man-made and natural
  3. plants, phytoplankton, corals, animals that become sediment (rock)
  4. Algae
  5. Decomposition of dead plants, phytoplankton, algae, animals
  6. Burning of fossil fuels
  7. Animals breathing
  8. Ocean water, which CO2  dissolves in and becomes acidic
  9. Volcanoes
  10. Land Plants

Answer Key


After all the students finished writing in their task books, Mr.Pro gave us an assignment were we have to draw the Carbon Cycle on paper. Here is what we need to include on our following assignment:

Red adds carbon into our atmosphere Purple removes carbon from our atmosphere.

Example from the internet:

Class examples: 


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