Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Carbon Cycle

          We talked about two main questions:  

How do we affect the carbon cycle?  (What do you know?)
  • burn forest and fossil fuels which release carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere
    • this includes burning gasoline
  • we extract carbon from the ground through mines for coal and pumping oil from wells
  • we exhale CO2 .  This CO2  is made in our cells and transported to our lungs in blood.  
  • when you die,
    • your carbon will go to the atmosphere if your body is cremated
    • if you are buried, some of your body will become rock, and some will be decomposed by bacteria and become part of the atmosphere
  • overall, we are increasing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, which is causing global warming and could results in adisaster such as:
    • cities flooding
    • ice caps/permafrost meltng
    • certain places becoming hot

What are the natural parts of the carbon cycle?  (What do you know?)
  • carbon goes from the atmosphere into plants.  the mass of a tree comes from air/atmosphere
tropical forests take up CO2 and we are reducing the area quickly
  • How does the carbon cycle affect us?
    • Global warming is being caused by increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations
    • Increased CO2 is causing oceans to become more acidic
      • this kills coral reefs
      • this kills other living things
  • What is the carbon cycle?
In your task books, predict whether the following things add CO2  to the atmosphere or remove CO2  from the atmosphere:
  1. Phytoplankton
  2. Forest fires, both man-made and natural
  3. plants, phytoplankton, corals, animals that become sediment (rock)
  4. Algae
  5. Decomposition of dead plants, phytoplankton, algae, animals
  6. Burning of fossil fuels
  7. Animals breathing
  8. Ocean water, which CO2  dissolves in and becomes acidic
  9. Volcanoes
  10. Land Plants

    Watch the following video to get more information!

    This table show us the amount of Carbon Movement from Greatest to least. We Started our Drawing Projects -You need to include all the items in your drawing in the table above.
       -Make sure to make it one scene with all of the items

        - Make sure it is not on two separate papers.  Have it where           
                   you can see it all at once
  • Will's Drawing.


  1. To improve the image, he could explain the purpose of drawing the image.
    Add the rubric by copying and pasting it from this document.
    To improve the image, make it bigger. Also, it should be rotated counter-clockwise so it's easier to see. You could add the final image of the finished diagram to show how the draft become the final.

  2. Dear Adam,

    I thought that your scribe post was excellent, and that you did a great job in including pictures, but I think you should make your image bigger and in a landscape portrait. Another thing I thought you missed was the fact that you only mentioned the things that we did, not that we learned. But taking these 2 facts, I think you did pretty well.


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