Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Stay Alert! Students At Work!

This class, we made an investigation about air pressure and how it can do. We made many experiments to figure out what air pressure can do.

An example is the water and straw experiment where you put your thumb on the top of the straw that is immerse in water and prevent air from entering the straw from the top. Therefore, air pressure prevents the water inside the straw from leaving since the air on the opposite side of the straw is trying to get in it.

Another experiment was the one that we lit a fire inside a bottle, put your hand on the top, and your hand gets "glued" to the bottle. This happens because all the oxygen inside the bottle is burned by the fire, thus the oxygen outside tries to get in, making the bottle stick to your hand.

Furthermore, we did another experiment as well where you blow the balloon inside a cup and the cup sticks to the balloon. This happens because the balloon drives the air out of the cup, creating pressure on too if the cup and making it stick to the surface of the balloon.

Moreover, we performed another experiment where the newspaper seems really heavy to lift up with a ruler. For this to happen, the air on top of the newspaper needs to make pressure on top of the newspaper, making it "heavier".

P.S. Sorry because there are on photos. I will add them as soon as possible because I had a technical difficulty.

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  1. Thiago - I think that this post was okay, but it could be better. First thing you did not put the schedule for the class. Secondly, you did not put any pictures, more or less accurate ones. But really the post itself is still just okay even without the pictures. It does not have a good format, and it does not use much scientific language. I think it was okay that you did explain the experiments in full extent sense the pictures are not present. I remember this day, and even thought the experiments are described at full extent they are still not described well. I, would consider re - doing the post, or critique it. It's your choice.


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