Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Omar's Scribe Post

Carbon Cycle: Brief Summary

Carbon Cycle-
How do we affect the carbon cycle?
  • Burning fossil fuels adds carbon dioxide (Co2) to the atmosphere.
  • When we die.
  • If you are burned, the carbon in your body is released.
What are natural parts of the carbon cycle?
  • Fossil fuels are buried ancient plant/phytoplankton matter that became liquid/solid
  • Volcanic eruptions add Co2 to the atmosphere.
  • Decomposition of animal and plants.
Definition: The carbon cycle is the movement of carbon on Earth.

Life, Water, Carbon, etc.

Madagascar Video
  • 85%of life there is unique.
  • A lot of jungles
  • A lot of insects
  • Insects represent health of the Jungle
  • Burning Forest

Add Co2
  • Forest Fires
  • Volcanoes
  • Animal Breathing
  • Burning fossil fuels
Remove Co2
  • Phytoplankton
  • Plants
  • Algae

Students had to do the diagram about any cycle.

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  1. Good post Omar! I think you added a lot of images and diagrams that helps the reader understand what you are talking about. I also like that you don't use a lot of words to convey your message of what we did in class.However, there are some flaws you could improve at. For example, you could add links to all of your images. In addition, you could also add the name of the person that did the diagram. Another thing you could improve could be adding the schedule of the class. This would really help the reader to understand more what you talking about. You could also add the link to the video we watched in class if possible. Lastly, you could take away your name in the labels and maybe add the unit title.


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