Friday, 6 December 2013

Melissa Machado Scribe post- Block 2 - 6/12/13

The first subject we talked about in our Science class today was the Science Fair. It is going to happen on Feburary 27. Mr. Pro just wanted to make sure we knew just a little about it just so we are not to short in time to think of a topic. He even shared a site for topics and the rubric. Here is the link. However, the Science fair changed. If we choose a easy topic we do it individually. If we choose a median level topic we do it doubles. If we choose a hard topic than we can do it with more people. Also, there is not going to be a winner in the Science fair this year. There will only be prizes for creativity, appearance, etc. There will not be 4th place, 3rd place, 2nd place, and 1st place. But the good thing is that we will have a schedule to have our own break and check other people's projects. Last year, we did not have that privilege.

Here are our interested class asking questions about the Science fair on February 27:

After our Science fair discussion we exchanged our Carbon Cycles. We had to evaluate our partner's cycle on a form. We had to give a grade for organization, appearance, and content (link of form). We also had to write 3 comments based on organization, appearance, and the content. After 5 minutes was done we saw the form with all the suggestions and compliments that our partner wrote for us. When we saw it and read it we started to fix it for 5 minutes (link of document with suggestions and compliments). We also saw a professional carbon cycle that Mr. Pro showed us to help us fix our cycle. Then we had do give our Cycles to Mr. Pro.

Bethany assessing her partner's cycle:

Stephanie fixing her cycle :

Students giving their Cycles to Mr. Pro:

Internet's professional carbon cycle diagram:

Lastly, we looked at a diagram of Carbon Dioxide (Link of diagram). We observed the diagram and we concluded that Brazil added more than 380gt, but less than 500gt. After, we did this form asking easy questions, median questions, and hard questions about the diagram.
Here is the form link
Take a look at our questions in this link

Additional picture of a great Science fair project:
This project calls attention because of its shinning background and its colors. Also, the pictures calls attention. What is super cool though is that there is a live example to prove that smoking is bad for the people that are looking at the project.

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  1. Hey Melissa,

    I overall liked your post very much. It is organized, has pictures in it, and is not confusing at all. One thing you could improve is writing more formally. You could add transitions and could variate on your starting sentences. Another little problem is that you didn't cite the skills we needed for the class at the end of the post, so you could add that also. But, overall, it's great.


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